Our Board


Chris Mathias

Chris is an entrepreneur and adventurer. At age 23 he co-founded High Desert Adventures, which contracted with large corporations to guide their clients through the river country of the west. At age 27 he founded Catalyst Marketing, a sports equipment and apparel company based in Boulder, Colorado. Today, Catalyst’s clients include a broad spectrum of organizations in the ski and mountaineering industries.

A significant influence in Chris’s creative process began in 1992 when he began working and studying the Human Validation Process Model, a framework for understanding complex human systems founded by pioneering psychologist Virginia Satir. Chris is a student and facilitator of transformational processes for both individuals and organizations.

Chris has served on the board of directors of the Equilibrium Fund, The GIS Institute and Warrior Films and is the founder the transformational consulting company. He divides his time between Colorado, Mexico, and Guatemala.


Dr. Wetherbee Dorshow

Dr. Wetherbee Dorshow is president and owner of Earth Analytic, Inc. (EAI), a Santa Fe, New Mexico consulting firm founded in January 2000, specializing in the design, implementation, use and management of (GIS) geographic information systems for natural and cultural resource projects. Additionally, Wetherbee is Chief Scientist and Board Member at Puente Institute (formerly The GIS Institute), a not-for-profit organization that investigates human adaptations to environmental change with advanced geospatial technology and science. Wetherbee also is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Anthropology Dept. at the University of New Mexico, focusing on archaeological research at Chaco Canyo