About Puente Institute



Puente is the Spanish word for Bridge. Every moment of growth is facilitated by a bridge, either metaphoric or literal. People can be a bridge, technology can be a bridge, as can diverse contexts or challenging circumstances. As a non-profit, Puente Institute exists as a magnet to bring together unique people and organizations from diverse fields and disciplines to collaborate across teams to address complex environmental challenges.


The Puente team – “Puenteros”– is an innovative, agile and passionate association that provides consulting, training, workshops, retreats and custom solutions to concerns affecting the Sea, Sky, Earth and her inhabitants. We endeavor to enhance the value and currencies by which our clients and associates guide their choices, policies and means.


Puente works in the fields of GIS, Art, Policy and Spirit. We frequently use all of these disciplines in our solution matrix. Any project we accept or engage must survive the scrutiny of analytics, the filter of beauty, the art of the possible and the congruence of natural order. We provide technical and social solutions to all sizes of organizations, with a mission to bring sophisticated strategies and tactics to underserved audiences.
To democratize access to complex system approaches and provide unprecedented support and genius to the global community of environmental stewards. We also partner with a service-oriented for-profit GIS company for traditional consulting, as needed.


Puente employs and facilitates world class science, art, transformative business systems, policy analysis and the wisdom of ancestral knowledge to chart paths and refine solutions. This may sound vague; but it is not. What project would not benefit from such an approach? We blend the unquestionable insights of the past with cutting edge observations from the present. The Puente Promise is a pledge to deliver solutions and pathways more inclusive, generative and progressive than traditional commercial techniques.


Puente operates globally. We currently have projects in the US, Mexico, India, Brazil, Polynesia. We have a special affinity and skill in Ocean Science and vast experience in terrestrial and conceptual environments.


Puente is a 501c3 registered in the State of Colorado. We have officers in Asheville NC, Santa Fe, NM, Baja, Mx. We are a partner with Esri, the worlds leading supplier of GIS solutions. Our audience is other 501c3, corporations, NGO’s and private and public institutions.



Puente was born many years ago.  The context we are in rewards an amplified skill, as there are vastly diverse tools at our disposal. The ethos of our time requires a discriminating awareness of our ancestral wisdom, an alacrity with modern tools of observation and a prowess with means of assessment. As such, Puente was ‘incorporated’ or birthed to provide a validation and vessel of practice for such a perspective.

Art, Science, Spirit.  

We believe Art is the domain of our genius of creativity.  Wether written, drawn, sculpted or spoken, we welcome teachers and practitioners of this heart centered wisdom to facilitate and translate new frontiers of understanding. 

Science encompasses much.  Of course it includes the skill in the utility of the tools of the trade.  Technology offers us the ways to expand our sensory world.  We can measure beyond where we can go.  We can see spectrums beyond the eye, hear vibrations for eons silent, collect data over vast distances and scales, expanding the reach of our senses. 

Of Spirit, much has and may be written. It is a fuel, a belief, a guide, it is also immensely personal, defies definition and harkens the phrase “I don’t know how to define it, but i know it when i see it (or feel it).  It is the source of ‘Inspiration’ it brings both peace and disruption.  It invites the new, accepts or even welcomes change.  We believe that when the silos of distinction, the towers of knowledge, are exposed to the fire of attention which includes an artistic sensibility, a scientific potency and a spiritual validity, we see patterns before invisible, we hear coaxing which before was silent, courage replaces doubt and a sense of exuberant discovery is likely.

Puente is an invitation, a process, a challenge and a solution.

From Our Executive Director:


Thank you for visiting the Puente Institute site. Puente was formed through the fires of challenging expeditions and a burning desire to do good.  Through workshops, retreats, consultation and classes, we have been active and committed to supporting the arts and sciences with a sacred commitment.  This means that we operate by an oath, a Puente Promise, that our relationships and services are of an ethic and process which is devoted to the health of the air, water, earth and it creatures.  Our workshops expand understanding. Our retreats awaken the dormant. The consultation services refine comprehension and our classes are ongoing and rigorous.

The fact that you have come to this page is both a gift and a challenge.  It is a gift to us, to be able to share with you.  It is a challenge, because the world is a dynamic, shifting, dangerous and magical place. Puente Institute wakes each day to serve the good, our members are known as ‘Puenteros’ or ‘bridge builders’ and perhaps you will be intrigued become one.