What would you die for?
Let this be what each of us lives for!

This 4-day Introductory Secular Seminary Retreat focuses on how to Create, Celebrate & Officiate Eco-Spiritual Ritual for the People, for the Planet, for the passionate forms of commitment ceremony so necessary for our times.

  1. DEDICATING TO LIFE PURPOSE AND WHAT YOU LIVE FOR Secular Seminary Retreat ~ August 2017 at Wise Acre Retreat and environs of Crested Butte, CO.
  2. CREATING LABYRINTH, LITURGY AND SACRED SPACE Secular Seminary Retreat ~ March 2018 at Buena Fortuna Gardens in Baja, Mexico

Earth Wisdom/Puente Secular Ministry offers guidance for:

  • Inter-Faith, Earth Honoring Integrative Medicine Ceremony
  • Learning how to research, co-create, intuit and design examples of the following:

    • Multi-devotional liturgies, homilies, vows
    • Commitment and Troth Plighting
    • Sacred Spaces for all times and places
    • Altars and Mesas
    • Marriages (where legally appropriate)
    • Elders' Honoring
    • Introduction Ceremonies for Children
    • Individual, Group, Family Rites of Passage
    • Blessing and Releasing
    • Celebrations of Life
    • Earth Support rituals
    • Planetary Purpose and Meditation
    • Institutional Re-Commitment and Mission Ritual
    • Sacred
    • Activist Ceremony, and more.

Ministral Certification

∆  The series of three Earth Wisdom/Puente Ministerial Certification Retreats will be designed to focus on the specific personal and community eco-spiritual advocacy of each participant. The Retreats will also offer an overview of multi-cultural, animistic/shamanistic/liturgical and perennial Wisdom Teachings and ancestral rituals.

∆  Ongoing Monthly Phone Convocations will offer Ministry Participants the opportunity to create, implement and follow through with ritual event assignments, receive and share collegial support, mentoring, experience and guidance. Each seminarian who wishes to complete the Ministerial Credentials will also consult with a student mentor-partner throughout the program. This dyad collaboration offers ongoing exchange, encouragement and intimate co-creation.

∆  Several months before the retreat, all participants of the retreat will need to agree to share in a group Phone Convocation with Marcie Telander and Chris Mathias to begin their ritual planning, purpose and preparation.

∆  Individuals would have the option to commit to any of the series of three retreats. Those who are seeking Ministerial Credentials will need to successfully complete all three retreats—currently planned for August, 2017 in Crested Butte, CO, March, 2018 in Baja Mexico and August 2018 – Ordination Ceremony in Crested Butte, CO.

∆  Any individual who wishes to receive credentials of ministry will need to commit to ongoing Phone Convocations with Marcie and Chris and the Ministry participants.

∆  Each individual Seminary Retreat will offer participants will receive the first of 3 levels of certification of accomplishment that would lead to a final Initiation/Certification as Earth Wisdom Institute Ritual Officiant/Celebrants and Puente Community Animation Practitioners.

Your Spiritual Path

∆  This is a not a process or a ministry for people at the beginning of their spiritual lives. Each person will need to hear the Still Quiet Voice Within, the Calling, and recognize their spiritual maturity and dedication to be ready to Stand for their Medicine.

∆  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! This is a pan-spiritual, interfaith and Earth-honoring, multi-denominational Calling to, and for, individuals who are ready to take on their mantels of Elder-hood, ministering and ceremony. We are celebrating the multi-spirited Sacred in the Secular.

∆  Many of you to whom this has been mailed are already stepping into these roles in current lives, families, communities and careers. This will be a very conscious process in which those who know they are ready will be the attendees and celebrants.

∆  In these three, 5-night and 4-day retreats Marcie and Chris will be joined by guest Sacred Arts and Community Animators who will be sharing an inspiring range of spirited practices for Earth Wisdom Mystery School/Community Animation and Puente Guidance ministerial certification.


Retreat Dates & Locations

August 3-7, 2017

Wise Acre Retreat in the Colorado Elk Mountain River Valley
Crested Butte, Colorado

March 15-20, 2018

Buena Fortuna Holistic Farms and Gardens
Baja, Mexico

August 2-7, 2018

Ordination Celebration, Wise Acre Retreat
Crested Butte, Colorado


Want to explore further?

Individuals we have not already experienced in retreat and ceremony would need to have a phone session with either Marcie or Chris to discuss their interests, background, intentions and appropriateness for this sacred commitment.

To discuss this unique opportunity further please contact Marcie & Chris at:

Marcie@earthwisdominstitute.org or chris@puenteinstitute.org

Marcie: 970-349-6509 or Chris: 303-808-5252